Djinn Axess QuickDraw 17cm

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Description :
Reliable and durable quickdraw:
– very reliable DJINN carabiner gate mechanism
– H-shaped cross-section offers an optimized strength/weight ratio
– wider rope and anchor contact surfaces for better rope glide and reduced wear on the carabiner
– durable AXESS quickdraw sling
– the STRING quickdraw sling protector helps maintain the proper orientation of the carabiner and protect the carabiner attachment loop from wear
Easier to use for clipping and unclipping:
– large gate opening makes the carabiner easy to use
– Keylock system designed to reduce the chance of snagging when clipping and unclipping
– larger frame size is easier to grab
Available in several lengths and colors
– 12 cm sling and DJINN carabiner with blue bent gate
– 12 cm sling and DJINN carabiner with violet bent gate
– 17 cm sling and DJINN carabiner with blue bent gate for managing rope drag

Specifications :
Major axis strength: 23 kN
Minor axis strength: 8 kN
Open gate strength: 9 kN
Gate opening: 24 mm
Bent gate carabiner opening: 27 mm
Capacity: 24 mm
Material(s): aluminum carabiner, polyester webbing, rubber STRING
Certification(s): – carabiner: CE EN 12275 type B, UIAA – sling: CE EN 566, UIAA

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