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Walk Through Metal Detector 18 Zone
Walk Through Metal Detector 18 Zone

18 Zone metal detection system is right between the range of low cost and higher quality metal detectors. We recommend this system to those who can’t afford the higher end models but still want something amazing.

Product Introduction
18 Zone walk through metal detector gate adopts classical LED Host to check whether there is any metal items hidden in the body, such as metals, guns, controlled knives and so on. The max sensitivity reaches up to 250 level, with high sensitivity and stable performance.

General Specification :

Sensitivity level: 250
Each zone sensitivity level: 400 (Adjustable)
Power consumption: 30 W
Working frequency :1~12 bands
Highest standard: Metal size ≥ 6 g
Outside dimension: 86.6in x 33.8in x 17.3in
Vertical channel size: 78.7in x 27.5in
Working voltage: AC 120v – 220V 50/60Hz
Working environment temperature: -20℃~+45℃

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